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This exquisite 96-color J. Luda handmade soft pastel set is a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of J. Luda Colors. Each pastel stick is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, ensuring quality and vibrant pigmentation. The colors range from delicate pales to bold, striking hues, offering a comprehensive palette for artists of all levels. The pastels have a velvety texture that glides effortlessly on paper, allowing for smooth blending and layering, essential for creating depth and dimension in artwork. This set is perfect for those who appreciate the finer details and seek to create masterpieces with a touch of elegance.

The pastels are housed in a beautifully handcrafted hardwood box, which is itself a work of art. Made from locally sourced wood, combined with organic leather, the box features a smooth finish. The sturdy construction ensures the pastels are well-protected, making it both a practical storage solution and a stunning display piece. Each box is unique, with slight variations that add to its charm and authenticity. This pastel set is not just a tool for creativity, it is a celebration of traditional craftsmanship and artistic expression, making it a cherished addition to any artist’s collection.

None of the sponges or the dividers are glued in the box, so you can take them out, and organize the box according to your tools and needs. The box with the sponges inside can fit 96 sticks. If you take out the sponges it fits ~200 sticks of J. Luda Handmade soft pastels.

The set is made out of 96 J. Luda Handmade Soft Pastels. It is packed in 1 box, containing 96 handmade soft pastel sticks.

DimensionsMetric: 40 × 17  × 17 mm

Imperial: 1.58 x 0.6 x 0.6 inch

Due to the softness and our mixing process your colors have a guaranteed consistency and uniform pigment distribution throughout the handmade stick. Because of the creation process and the very little amount of binders, the pastel sticks must be handled carefully, they can break easily.

Colors in reality may slightly differ.

The 96 colors are:

1A, 1F, 1GL, 1H, 1J, 1P, 2A, 2E, 2L, 3B, 3L, 3V, 4A, 4C, 4J, 5H, 5L, 5R, 6C, 6G, 6S, 7B, 7F, 7L, 8H, 8J, 8S, 9B, 9H, 9L, 10L, 10N, 10R, 11E, 11G, 11J, 12A, 12E, 12N, 13G, 13J, 13N, 16G, 14J, 14L, 15H, 15J, 15L, 16G, 16L, 16M, 17A, 17G, 17L, 18C, 18I, 18L, 19I, 19L, 19R, 20H, 20L, 20M, 21GL, 21K, 21S, 23A, 23J, 23M, 27G, 28L, 28G, 29G, 29K, 29O, 30H, 30L, 30V, 31C, 31J, 31N, 32GL, 32J, 32P, 33G, 33F, 33O, 34B, 34L, 35G, 35H, 35L, 35P, FA, FK, FV.


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